Hal Warheim featured in latest issue of ForGood magazine

Hal For Good CFL.JPG

Who inspires us? Hal Warheim! Hal is featured in the fifth edition of ForGood magazine, a publication of the Community Foundation of Louisville. ForGood  is an expression of their commitment to promote the understanding and participation in philanthropy in all of its different shapes and forms. 

If you aren't familiar with Hal yet or haven't heard the story of why he wanted to build a park in his neighborhood, this article is a great overview. I have heard the story many times, but am still impressed by his tenacity every time I hear the story. 

You would think it would be easy to build a beautiful, peaceful sanctuary in your neighborhood, but you'd be wrong. There was resistance along the way from the City of Louisville, Metro Parks and some neighbors. 

This didn't deter Hal, mostly because he had a guiding belief that we should each live a life that benefits others. After 30 years, his dream became a reality when the park opened in October of 2004. 

Thanks to the Community Foundation of Louisville for the profile. Read it online at https://goo.gl/DyMWta.