Haltoberfest: A Celebration of Hal Warheim’s Life

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October was Hal Warheim’s favorite time of year and had special meaning to him. His final wish was to have an Oktoberfest celebration in his name, at his namesake park. In that spirit we have named his celebration “Haltoberfest.”

What will it look like exactly?  Festive and fun. We’ll share stories and celebrate Hal's life in the beautiful space he created.

We’ll have a mariachi band and flamenco dancers.  Brigid Kaelin, an Americana artist and multi-instrumentalist from Louisville, will sing Hal’s favorite songs: Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Rainbow Connection and I’ll Remember You.  

Because Hal’s favorite restaurant was Gasthaus German Restaurant, we’ll have German inspired food, such as brats with mustard, pretzels with beer cheese and baklava.

Hal loved making and sharing pear pies using the pears from his tree. Warheim Park Board Member, Kellie Burton and her fiancé, Jon Delph, along with Board Member Rosie Felfle and her mother-in-law, Carol Frederick, are making 200 pear tartlets for the event. 

The celebration also includes activities for children, such as bubbles and face painting. (If you've made it to past celebrations in the park, you know how much Hal loved bubbles.)

This event, planned by the Warheim Park Board of Directors, will happen, rain or shine. If it rains, we’ll have tents set up. However, at this point, the forecast looks promising.

Join us this day to honor and celebrate his remarkable life! All are welcome!