Fireside, No More

Stand Up for Hal.jpg

For many years, usually in February, we've held “Fireside Friday” at Hal Warheim's house. The premise was simple—have fun and raise money for the park. It was a lovely event, in Hal’s cozy and very interesting home, filled with eclectic décor, souvenirs and hats from his travels all over the world. Friends and neighbors would catch up over appetizers and drinks around Hal’s fireplace.

This year, we had to come up with something a little different because sadly, Hal passed away in March of 2017. Hal often said, “My little story stops but the Big Story goes on without me.”  Hal also often said, “Have some fun!”

We are honoring this big story, having some fun and raising money for Hal Warheim Park on the evening of Feb. 11 at the Bard's Town. Money raised will go towards maintenance and programming in the park.

While Louisville Metro Parks Department holds the title to Hal Warheim Park, responsibility for the supervision and maintenance of the park rests solely with the Warheim Park Association and funding comes entirely from donations and fundraising.

Family friendly comedian and motivational speaker Mack Dryden, a Louisville native (Dryden happens to live in the Belknap Neighborhood), is a former staff writer for Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, and has performed on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, as well as acted in JAG and The Guardian. There will also be an opening act, hopefully Sean Smith, a nephew of Dawn Gee.

Support us with your laughter on February 11. Learn more and purchase tickets at