UPDATE: Lakeside Swim Club Sponsorship Raffle - Benefiting Hal Warheim Park


We have a winner! Yesterday a name was selected during a blind drawing, and the winner accepted the sponsorship. Congratulations, Tom and Amy Kaikis ! We look forward to seeing them at Lakeside Swim Club this summer.

Thank you to each of our donors. You gave Hal Warheim Park an incredible gift. 100% of the profits from this raffle go toward the maintenance and beatification of the park. Hal Warheim Park is solely supported and maintained by donors and volunteers.

We invite you to check our Facebook page for updates and opportunities to volunteer.


Thanks to everyone who purchased raffle tickets for Lakeside Swim Club! Because we sold all 75 tickets in less than a week, we'll do the raffle drawing TOMORROW MORNING, January 30, at 11 am. The winner will be selected from a blind drawing and will be notified immediately by email and phone.


Hal Warheim Park has been generously donated a Lakeside Swim Club sponsorship to begin with the upcoming summer 2019 season. This sponsorship is for an individual or family membership.

Raffle tickets may be purchased until 11:59 p.m. on February 20th. Only 75 tickets will be sold. The winner will be selected from a blind drawing on February 21st and will be notified that evening by email and phone. The winner will have 24 hours to respond to our notification. If there is no response within 24 hours, another winner will be selected.

100% of the profits generated by your donation will go directly toward the maintenance and beautification of Hal Warheim Park. The winner of the raffle will be responsible for the Lakeside Swim Club initiation fee and the annual dues.

The winner will be contacted by the Lakeside Swim Club sponsor and a new member orientation meeting will be set for a date in March-April. The initiation fee and membership dues are to paid to Lakeside Swim Club during this meeting. The membership is continuous as long as the membership is paid each year and the members are in good standing with Lakeside Swim Club.