Guest Book

Many years ago, park founder Hal Warheim added a small guest book under the pavilion so guests could share their thoughts about the park. It is wonderful to hear from our visitors how much they love Hal Warheim Park! Whether they are from next door, Germany, Australia, or anywhere else in the world, the park seems to have a special place in the hearts of many. Here are some of our favorites:

“I love this park so much. It’s been here ever since I was 4! It holds so many memories and I’ll never forget it. Thanks for the park, Hal. We’re moving but I won’t forget it.”

“Amongst all of Louisville’s ‘best-kept secrets,’ this park is easily the most comforting.”

“Here I am with my lil’ sis. I wanna get married here and have my first kiss here.”

“I will always love my Warheim Park.”

“I have known this park since I was a little girl. Now I am 9 sitting here writing in this book. I love this park.”

“CAP & EGB were engaged in this park on 10-25-10. On 2-16-11 they came back and sat for a while. Still very much in love.”

“My little girl just asked me if we can come to this park every day.”

“So lucky someone clued me in on such a magical spot!”

“Hidden from the world, 3 girls, the best day in about every way! This park rocks!”

“Well it took us about an hour and asked 6 different people how to get here... and finally found it—and, Boy, was it worth it!!”

“To whomever is responsible for this park! Thank you! This is a beautiful gem that this neighborhood should treasure! We are losing precious places like this so quickly and I believe our children are the ones losing out, so again thank you and hold on to this space with all your heart!”

“This park has so many funny and amazing memories. I remember it opened when I was four years old. I grew up with it and I’ve always loved it.”

“The boys absolutely love playing in the park every time they visit their grandparents. Thanks for creating such a beautiful treasure.”

From Far and Wide:
“What a joy to enjoy this wonderful park. My thanks to all Louisville folks who keep her looking lovely. The laughter of children is for all.”- Visitor from Australia

“Hello. We northern folks from Wisconsin love this secret park. We love to be here with our grandkids. Thank you!”

“Liebe grüße aus Deutsch-land. Best kept secret in Louisville. Clean. Peaceful. Beautiful. Thank you! We enjoy this so much.”- Visitor from Germany

“The most beautiful park I’ve seen!”- Fort Wayne, IN