Maintenance and Beautification Volunteer Days Keep Our Park Beautiful. Join Us!

Next Volunteer Day is:
June 15
9 am to noon

Our maintenance committee is gearing up to do some summer cleaning/weeding in the park. The committee, made up of just four board members, is responsible for keeping your park beautiful! The committee plans work days at which time weeds are pulled, shrubs are trimmed, flowers are planted, wood chips are spread, and countless other chores are done to keep Hal Warheim Park one of the nicest pocket parks in the city.

You may be wondering how can you help. It’s simple... the next time we have a volunteer day scheduled, stop by and help us tackle a few projects! We are always looking for more people to help with the upkeep of the park. Whether you are an avid gardener or can’t tell a weed from a native flower, we will find a job for you. Workdays are usually held on a Saturday from  9 am-12 pm. If you can’t stay three hours then swing by and lend a hand with the time that you can spare. Keep an eye on the kiosk at the entrance of the park for updates on scheduled workdays.

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“I was happy to be able to give something back to the park
since my family enjoys playing there so often. It was also nice to be able to complete some of my service hours. I think it’s a great place for people my age to get involved. You get to be active and outdoors!”
— Rachel Reisert, 16