Reserving Hal Warheim Park

While it is not possible to reserve the park for your exclusive use, it is available to be used as a site for special events, meetings, and other gatherings. Since its creation, Hal Warheim Park has been the scene of countless events, including birthday parties, weddings, reunions, scout ceremonies, group meetings, and neighborhood events.

Your reservation of the park reserves the right for your event to be the only one scheduled in the park during the time that you requested. We have found that park visitors are extremely respectful of other people’s events and will give them plenty of space.

We ask that the form below be filled out, signed, and submitted. Then, we can add your event to the official park calendar!

Download Form Here

There is no fee to host an event at Hal Warheim Park; however, tax-deductible donations are always appreciated, as this is a community-owned park, maintained, preserved and improved solely by volunteers and donors.