Park Patrol at Warheim Park

A typical park visitor enjoying the slide.

A typical park visitor enjoying the slide.

After a few incidents involving vandalism in the park in early spring, Warheim Park Board of Directors worked quickly to address the reported situations. As you may remember, we met with Lt. Alejandro Cabrera and he promised to familiarize LMPD in the 5th Division with the park.

At the August board meeting, we decided to start a Park Patrol schedule for the remaining warm months. Board members now visit the park on a regular basis (in hour shifts) in hopes of deterring any unwanted behavior.  We then share results with other board members and report any suspicious behavior to the LMPD (none noted so far). 

What are we seeing? Lots of sweet families with young children, people walking their dogs, high school cross country runners coming in for a drink, teens enjoying Subway in the pavilion. Hal would love this! He so loved seeing people enjoy this park.

We are also noticing how beautiful the park is. There are reports of butterflies and hummingbirds (as well as a mosquito or two biting at our ankles). Some patrol and pull weeds. Others patrol and enjoy the meditation garden. Others patrol and get to know the park patrons. It's been a delight for all involved.

If you would like to be a Park Patrol volunteer, let us know! You can email us at

If you see any suspicious activity, call Louisville Metro Police Department 5th District at 502-574-4111 ext. 5. All calls are recorded and responded to accordingly.

We appreciate your help in keeping Hal Warheim Park a safe, friendly and beloved place for all of us to enjoy.